How to stop email notifications from Microsoft Teams –

Topbullets.comI am a big fan of Microsoft and always admire their products and hunger for innovation. I started using their products very often and developed some cool applications. You can read another blog to install genuine office license and check the most useful apps. Microsoft Teams is a great offering and fairly hit Slack market share. The best thing about it is the Microsoft universal platform. All Office365 apps can be integrated and bring together to build a powerful application. For example – Planner and OneNote to Teams can be a complete package for project management.

While using Teams, you might have noticed unwanted emails from Teams regarding personal chat message or personal tag. If you are offline it’s fair but when we already have Teams app on our mobile, it’s annoying. So, let’s change the settings.


Step 1: Make sure you have installed mobile and desktop applications.

Step 2: Open your desktop app and click on your profile picture (top right-hand side)


Step 3: Go to Settings >> Notification and make changes accordingly.


Step 4: If you go down, you can see “Missed activity email” under the “Other” category. Make sure you change it as per your need. If you don’t want email at all, select “Off”. That’s it.


Let’s leverage these free apps to improve our productivity and bring more collaboration among the team. Please do comment your thoughts about “Teams” and how you have enabled it for your company.


Deepesh Singh


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