[Solved] State Bank of India (SBI) BHIM UPI Payment Failed But Money Deducted From Account

Topbullets.comAfter demonetization, we have witnessed a new era, called “Digital world”. There were many push factors which played a crucial role in driving people towards digitization. There were many Chinese mobile companies which brought cheaper Android phones, JIO, and other companies brought cheaper internet plans and the government brought BHIM app which makes money transactions really flawless. But in these rapid changes and hustle, many companies couldn’t build a faultless process and hence many times we see UPI transactions fail. So, if your money gets deducted but not credited to the beneficiary account, here is what you can follow.

Just to clarify, I am neither an SBI employee and nor representing the company in any manner. This is a personal incident and readers discretion is advised. This article will mostly suitable for SBIAnyWhere app users but can be used by aby SBI customer as a reference.

Bullet 1: Take precaution: We should always do a transaction of a small amount before sending a huge sum of money. If the gateway is down you will be saved.

Bullet 2: Whenever you do a transaction always take a screenshot. This might help you in the future. Though you will always find all details in history.

Bullet 3: Timing matters: UPI transaction is open 24*7, unlike NEFT. So, you can prefer to do transaction either in the morning or late evening.

Bullet 4: After you complete your transaction and if money doesn’t get credited to the beneficiary account within 5 minutes, raise a dispute through the app immediately. And don’t do any further transaction till you get your money back either to your account or beneficiary’s account.


Bullet 5: Wait for 3 working days, it should automatically be resolved. But if that doesn’t happen to write an email to support.upi@sbi.co.in with all details like transaction id, the screenshot you took, amount etc. Keep sending a reminder every alternate day. Meanwhile, you can track the status of the transaction in the SBI app also. Login to SBIAnyWhere >> Service >> Transaction Status Enquiry >> Select the valid date range


SBI BHIM Payment

Bullet 6: Wait for 10 more working days. There is no other way to escalate but even after 13-14 working days if it doesn’t get resolved, its time to think of taking aggressive steps now. You can either start tagging their CEO, different customer departments email id (SBI card, insurance etc.) but this doesn’t help much and same as calling customer care which says “NO UPI SUPPORT, SORRY!!!”.

Some helpful (not really) contact:

  1. https://cms.onlinesbi.com/CMS/
  2. support.upi@sbi.co.in,
  3. agmcustomer.lhobho@sbi.co.in,
  4. feedback.gesbi@ge.com,
  5. gm.customer@sbi.co.in

Bullet 7: So finally, after 20-22 days, you are at the verge of bursting and can hit any SBI UPI customer care executive you see but we should keep calm. Now you should write a complain letter and send one copy to the home branch and a few copies to other branches. You need to provide a screenshot of the mini statement and beneficiary account statement from the day of the transaction to the next 5 working days. Also, put the screenshot of your dispute through the app and email you sent. All these pieces of evidence should be enough to convey your frustration.

I received my money back to SBI account after 3 weeks when the SBI UPI system got revamped and running. And the same day, I got a response to my original email also asking for more detail. Sometimes customer care executives wait for the system to repair and it automatically solves all problems. Having said that you should not wait for than 5 working days and start escalating to a higher level.


Deepesh Singh


10 thoughts on “[Solved] State Bank of India (SBI) BHIM UPI Payment Failed But Money Deducted From Account

  1. मुझे बहुत जरूरी पैसे भेजने थे लेकिन भीम युपीऐ से पैसे ट्रांसफर नहीं हो रहे हैं

    • दुसरी बार पैसे ट्रांसफर करने पर हो गये हैं
      धन्यवाद यु पी ए

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    • phonepe Any complaint contact customer care number 90022XXXX // 62XXXXXX thanks you for any problem solve Me refund money all India 24×7 hours available complain
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  2. 11.09.2019 ko Ten Thousand transfer kiya per transfer nahi huaa aur paisa kat gaya.Ab tak mera Paisa refunded nahi hua hai.

  3. Phonepe customer service any transaction failed account not credited or balance debited call 900-222-3308 / 6206892178
    Any complaint 24/7 helpful

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