How to mirror iPhone to Windows Desktop without WiFi and USB cable –

Topbullets.comRecently, I built a mobile app and wanted to give a live demo to my colleagues. I was trying to mirror my iPhone to PC and at home it worked very fine but while in office it didn’t. I couldn’t figure out the problem. When I investigated the detail, I found that both PC and iPhone should be using same WiFi and our office network uses some sort of firewall which creating problem. While at home it was easier to connect to same WiFi and mirroring was working very fine. But I found a solution to fix this firewall issue and writing about it today.

Step 1: For screen mirroring I am using Lonely Screen. You can use it’s trail version which was enough for me. Download – LonelyScreen

First install it on your PC and run it.


Step 2: Turn off your WiFi on your mobile and start your own Hotspot. Below image might be helpful. Select “Turn on WiFi”.


Step 3: Connect to your mobile Hotspot on your PC. In this way you are using same WiFi.


Step 4: Now scroll up your setting and look for “Screen Mirroring”.


Step 5: You can see your PC name. Just select and you are done! Happy Mirroring.



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Deepesh Singh


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