How to fix word wrap problem in Gmail –

Topbullets.comI had been facing this problem from last few months and really got frustrated. Google is such a reputed company and Gmail being the first choice for emailing must be the most convenient way to email. But due to certain changes, it automatically wraps sentences and makes it look like a poem. If you are sending email to friends or family, this could be managed but for any formal communication this is a serious issue and raises questions about your writing skills. Finally, I could fix it with lots of back and forth and want to share the same with my readers.
You won’t realize but when you go to the sent items your email would look like this and it’s disgusting.
If you want to read more about the problem, kindly refer to Mathias’s blog. So let’s fix it. The problem generally happens when you try to change some settings like text format etc.

Go to the right-hand side of “Compose email” box and untick the “Plain text mode”. This is one-time effort but please check few times before sending the email. I tested a couple of times and it is working properly.


And it’s done.



Deepesh Singh

17 thoughts on “How to fix word wrap problem in Gmail –

  1. Hi,
    I have found that if you select what you want printed and then under “More settings” you click “selection only” the output is formatted correctly and word wraps.


  2. This fix doesn’t work for those of us who prefer Gmail’s Basic HTML mode. There are no settings or options available in the Compose Mail view.

  3. in some emails I get they fit my screen and wrap appropriately, and others don’t. I can’t tell if this is a gmail issue or my laptop (macbook air) issue. it seems like a newish problem (in last 3 months). i am already not in plain text mode.

  4. Hi. I wrote an email in gmail and it didn’t wrap properly and it went on and on to the right before it wrapped to start a new line. When I received the response, which was short and only a few words, I wanted to re-read my original message but found that I had to use the scroll bar to read the right-hand part of each sentence, which is a bit of a hassle and shouldn’t be necessary. Is there a “fix” so that my text wraps properly? So that the sentences wrap before going so far to the right of the text window? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  5. Hi Exact same no text wrap problem here as Joana with sent and incoming messages. Why is this happening? How do you fix it/prevent it?
    “I wrote an email in gmail and it didn’t wrap properly and it went on and on to the right before it wrapped to start a new line…. I had to use the scroll bar to read the right-hand part of each sentence,” _Joana

  6. Apparently Google people aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are. I’ve generated an email, and for some unknown reason it DOESN’T wrap, so the only way I can see what I have written (and sent) is to use the scroll bars.
    I look for a solution on the screen and don’t see any adjustments that seem like they will work.

  7. Please do not write normal emails this way. It forces the recipient’s word wrap off and there’s no way to fix it (that I’ve seen so far, in 10 min of googling this problem).

  8. Please do not do this. It makes the email hard to read. I cannot think of a single question about writing skills which could be raised by this format.

  9. Actually, I found that the problem is related to the signature (at least in my case).
    I copied my signature, deleted, and created it again as plain text and it solved the problem

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