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Topbullets.comHonestly I am not big fan of Micromax or Yu but their smartphones are better than other brands in terms of quality, if we compare in the same price range. I have been using Micromax mobiles from last 4 years. Earlier I used Samsung basic model and Sony ericsson T715. My experience with Sony was very bad, so I chose Micromax and continued till date.

From last 3 months I have been using Yuphoria and I liked it. So thought of express my views through my blog. Earlier I wrote an article on “A case study on Micromax’s Mobile Marketing Strategies – How did it Become Big in Indian Market“, and Micromax is in great pace of earning a valuable brand tag. They have started manufacturing plants in India and has launched a wide range of products. I wish all the best to Micromax and Rahul Sharma for Yu.

Let’s start with what I liked and didn’t like in the phone. I am not a geek guy, who can explore all the technical things but as per customers’ perspectives, I want to put my points.
1. Excellent Performance
Yes, with 2 GB RAM and 420 snapdragon processor, it has a wonderful performance. I didn’t play heavy games but played lot of games and they all played very smoothly. The performance of all the apps are wonderful. You can run multiple apps (more than 10-15) simultaneously. It doesn’t lag or heat. So I liked its overall performance.
2. Eye catching camera
When I share my pics with friends, they get confused, whether I took selfie or from rear camera. The front facing is only 5 mpx but its quality is amazing. Check yourself.
Also the rear camera is also very good. It catches better images than your expectation. Catches natural light, tone and heat. I compared few pics with One plus one which has 13 Mpx and I am proud to say that 21K couldn’t do that job which 7K did. 🙂
3. Design and look
The metal finishing gives a premium look. It doesn’t look like a budget smartphone but if you carry Redmi or Mi4i they look cheaper because of plastic body. Yuphoria has an excellent, attractive and handy look & shape. It comes to your hand very perfectly. 5” display also quite looks great in terms of display and size.
4. Operating system
Before purchasing this phone, I was thinking about Nokia 720. Thankfully one of my friends bought it and I got a chance to use it. I liked the design and all but the way apps coming up and other options are looking very basic and odd. I didn’t like the design their apps are following. Also, their apps collection is not that much. All my friends suggested Android than Windows. Also I am a big fan of Google. So I scraped that idea and went for Android.
Plus I got Cyanogen OS. I don’t know the technical things but it looks good. Apps logo design, notification bar and other stuffs look cool. I love the OS.
Also, I am using Google now very frequently. Love to talk to my own phone. 🙂
5. Made in India
Last but not the least it is ‘Made in India’. I bought in 2nd flash sale so I got ‘Made in China’ product. But later on they brought ‘Made in India’ phone as well. So that’s a proud moment.

Talked lot of positive things. I didn’t get paid by Yu or Micromax to talk only about positive points. Let’s talk about some cons or areas where Yu could improve and can bring a better handset.
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1. Proximity sensor
I knew about it before purchasing the phone but I thought it’s a small issue. Yes, the proximity sensor doesn’t work properly during calls. I got one solution over YouTube and its working fine now but not great. I think Yu could solve this issue.
2. Heating issue
As per the law of smartphone: if a phone doesn’t heat up during heavy apps, it’s not a smartphone. (Homemade dialogue)
Yes, it does heat up but only when I talk on Skype. If I Skype and keeps it on charge, then you can’t touch your ear at the back. The temperature touches 70 degree. So it heats a lot. But in normal uses I find this issue very rarely.
3. Battery
Everyday I charge my mobile to 100% in the morning and take it to office. Do normal stuff like listening to music, Whatsapp, Facebook etc (don’t play games). WiFi in on during entire day. At the end I find 20-30% battery. It’s not bad. Though it is appreciable but I personally think that Yu can extend the battery life at least 12 hours with normal usages. We have 2230 mha battery.
4. Power up button
The major issue. I experience this issue once or twice in a week. The power up button doesn’t respond quickly. You have to wait say 10-15 seconds which is embarrassing and irritating. You have to restart the phone to fix it. I don’t know is this because of technical issue or hardware issue but it should be fixed. I think it’s more of a software issue because once you restart it, it works fine for 3-4 days. So Yu team please fix it.

That’s all guys. I didn’t even paid by Micromax’s competitors to write lot of bad things. But I think the cons list is exhaustive. Please keep in your mind that it costs only 7K INR, please don’t expect too much. It gives more than we deserve. I want to be with Micromax for next few years till I can afford an EXTRA PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY OVER PRICED STATUS DEFINED RICH SHOW OFF “iPhone 12 or 13”. Hahahha
Keep reading and enjoying. Thanks for your love. 🙂


Deepesh Singh


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