What is Advertisement – Concept and Inline Strategy by TopBullets.com

Topbullets.comToday I am starting a brand new category – “Advertisement Analysis”. But before starting any analysis, let’s talk about Advertisement first. Advertisement is basically nothing but a paid version of promoting your brand or product or services. Now why I am adding paid word. Actually promotion of a product can happen through many ways like publicity, TV ad, word of mouth etc. But when a company is paying some agencies to promote its product, its called advertisement. Like Companies are promoting their products during TV commercials or through banners on highways. All these are paid promotion. Advertisement can be witness in 19th century as well. But at that time only print media was available. Slowly they moved to Radio and TV. Now they are everywhere.

Advertisement is needed to aware customers about your products and services. These will also enhance their recall ability and will persuade the customers. When a customer goes to purchase something, he has lots of options in the market but he picks only those products which he has either used or is familiar with. So to attract new customers and to retain the old advertisement is very necessary.

Now question arises, why old customers need advertisement. They must have used the product and they should not get influenced by ads. So dear friends, in the competitive world customers forget names easily. They are either fascinated by price or quality of other brands. So to retain them we have to show our new features and competency over competitors. Meanwhile we also don’t know whom we are targeting. Suppose we are airing some ad on TV. We won’t know who are watching. May be 99% new customers and 1% old or may be 99% old customers. That’s why we can’t target them separately. This is one of biggest challenges and disadvantages of ads. We can’t calculate ROI.

Talking about different kind of advertisement. There are lots of ways of advertisements. Few of them are – TV ads, Banner Ad, Digital Ad (Media & Banner) and Print Ad. I think you people know about these. I just want to discuss about Digital ad. Digital ad are those which you see while surfing internet like ads on Facebook or Google Search. Now there are mainly 3 kinds of ads in digital world. First is Media, like ads coming before YouTube video or Some flash animation running on your webpage. These are media ads and they are having audio and video. But banner ads are just having banner, poster or JPEG image. For example open http://www.washingtonpost.com/ and watch out right hand area. 3rd type is “Content” ads. You will see these kind of ads in Google Search. They won’t have any image, audio or video but content. So these are the different kind of advertisement.

I would like to write more about it but have to stop here. If you like to read more about advertisement and marketing, please read Kotler’s book and please let me know your feedback. I am looking forward for improvement and want to learn from you guys.

Article can be helpful for:

1. What is advertisement?
2. Different kind of advertisement?
3. What is digital advertisement?
4. Type of advertisement with examples.


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