How to Disable/Enable USB File Transfer MTP Port in Android Mobile Phone

Topbullets.comToday I have been trying to charge my mobile from my company’s pc and every time I was getting notification from “Symactec Endpoint Protection” that “USB Cable has been disabled”. It was very annoying. My company PC always takes screen shots if we violet any IT rule. So it was little risky. I thought of disabling the USB share port and Google how to do it. Many bloggers have written different solutions but no one really worked. I tried every options in settings but failed to do so. Finally I got one.
I have been using Android 4.2.2 and there are no such kind of options which different bloggers provided. So here I tried something new on my own and it really worked.
People who are looking for :
– How to enable/diable Media device (MTP) USB Mode on Android
– How to enable/disable Camera (PTP) USB Mode on Android
– How to enable/disable USB storage port
– How to set USB only for charging
can also refer this post.
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Step 1: Connect your mobile device with your laptop through USB cable.
Step 2: Slide down. You will see this notification page. Click on it.
Usb cable in Android
Step 3: Select the option according to your need. In my case I needed my USB cable to act like charger only so I selected 4th option.
Usb cable on Android
Hope this might have worked for you. Read my another post on “USB Debugging” if you are not able to connect your mobile to your laptop or your laptop can’t search your mobile for data transfer. Please comment below your though.


Deepesh Singh


19 thoughts on “How to Disable/Enable USB File Transfer MTP Port in Android Mobile Phone

    • here in the notification i have selected USB storage and then after it was not showing the notification when my mobile connected to pc. now what do i do to get the media device(MTP) option on mobile so that i can transfer data…?

  1. Hello.sir, i will.ask somthing… i tried phone using company computer cable. of my friend need to receive a picture from to his phone using shareit… then my.celphone asking mtp access. I allow… so what.its mean this also the computer access my file from my.celphome

    • Hi there,

      ShareIt works on the concept of hotspot basically creates a local network and shares files among people connect to the network. While MTS shares file though connected cable. So if you switch on ShareIt and in the same time plug in USB with MTS enabled, both (ShareIt and Computer) can receive the file.

  2. Sir my phone OPPO f1s in this model is not showing USB notification when I connecte my phone with PC is showing only charge please suggest me how I can active my USB port

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