Will TATA ZEST Marketing Strategy help to Regain TATA Motors Position in Indian Automobile Industry?

Topbullets.comI was just going through today’s Times of India Newspaper and found something interesting. Regularly I use to get 6-7 pages supplementary papers like Pune Times, Life etc. but today I got 4 pages supplementary of a car’s advertisement. Seriously this is completely new concept for me. The 4 pages supplementary has the same title ‘Times of India’ as the mother newspaper use to have. I was really amazed with this idea and want to express my emotions through this blog.
In my previous blogs like Advertising is a Waste of Resources – Group Discussion I had mentioned about Advertisement strategy of Dove Shampoo and in Marketing Nano as ‘cheapest car’ was a mistake?, I have talked about Tata Nano. If we compare both blogs the result is today advertisement. In the first blog I had talked about the benefits of advertisements and put some examples from Dove shampoo and all. In 2nd blog I had mentioned how the advertisement hurt Tata Nano’s reputation and how customers might have taken it. So Tata does not want to commit the same mistake again. In case of Nano they tried to show that this is the cheapest model putting its features behind the banner. “Tata Nano Khushiyo ki chabi“. This used to be their tag line but now the concept has changed.

In today’s ad Tata wants to show that ZEST is the best among its class. High quality, blah blah and all technical terms. Showed one page of reviews, comment and feedback from few most reputed critics like ZigWheels, Yahoo, NDTV, OverDrive, Deccan Chronicle and 20-25 more. TATA wanted to hit customers that this time they have brought a unique product and everyone is appreciating it. All reviews are like they are comparing Tata Zest with Mercedes Benz.
Apart from that they had put interior design, wheels, touch screen and powerful engine with some technical terms (not useable to normal customer. What only matters is ‘Kitna Deti Hain 😛’). At the last page 2 big pics of Tata Zest, one in hi-tech city and one at countryside. So they want to position their car professional and for vocational/tour also.
The best part is they followed ‘Dove’ advertisement concept. Yes dear friends, but of course they did not attached car with the newspaper but a KEY. They have put a key named Zest and tag line is ‘Your key to drive home the new ZEST’. So this is one of the best advertisement, I have come across.
If Tata has distributed a toy model of ZEST, that would be more powerful weapon to attract customers to showroom. Because that toy model will really show how the car is gonna look like which a newspaper image can’t. So my best wishes with this model.
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Deepesh Singh



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