How to Reduce Broken Links on WordPress Blog

Topbullets.comEveryone wants to get shared his articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ countless and so we put sharing button below our post. But we never care of SEO kind of thing. When I check my website through I found very disappointing results. So I want to share my experience and how to solve these issues. First of all you should be aware of broken links and how it affects your Google ranking. Read this article for more details.[ Google is particularly specific when it included in its webmaster’s guidelines used by your search engine optimization company, to “Check for broken (dead) links and correct HTML” in your website. While it doesn’t hurt to have a few dead links, it will definitely reduce its rankings drastically if there are excessive dead links on your website.#COPIED]
Broken Link -
When I check my website, I found that I have more than 40 broken links. Here is a snapshot of what I am talking about. And all are due to sharing buttons. But we can’t do anything to remove these broken options. We have only 2 choices, either you remove sharing buttons from our posts, which you obviously do not want or you can follow this post, which you would love.  WordPress does not give us option to make any kind of change in the theme. So here is the trick.
Go to Dashboard << Settings << Sharing. Scroll down and find ‘Show buttons on’. Uncheck the option ‘Front page, Archive page and Search result’.
Broken Link -
Save your settings and check your website once again. You will find that you have minimized your broken links to 5 only.
Broken Link - Topbullets.comI could not minimize it further. If you could please comment below so that I can also do that.

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