How to Make Wi Fi HotSpot on Laptop under College Proxy Server

I think this is the most important article till this date on my blog. From last few months I have been trying to create hotspots through various tools and software but never succeed. I tired Connectify, Virtual Router and many more. Some needs Service pack 2 some does not support proxy. But today finally I got the solution so want to share with you folks. Earlier I have written about College wifi with proxy settings and internet on mobile. You can read them also.
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Today I came across mHotspot and tried it. It worked really fine. But need to do little bit of setting as we are using internet under proxy server. Those who are not working under any proxy server can skip step 3 and 5. You just need to install, create hotspot and connect to your mobile.
Let me clear something first.
My College proxy address – ; Port-3128
PC IP address –, Port – 808 (CCproxy)
Userid (for proxy server): ipg_2009014; Password: YouExpectThisToo
1. Visit this website and download the application (813KB). Download now. Please note that Cnet is not allowing to download through proxy server so prefer to download through direct link.
mHotspot Download -
2. Install the software. Be insure to UNCHECK the 2 added software otherwise they would automatically get installed. You would come across these while clicking next<<next. So please read what you are accepting.
3. Now download CCProxy and configure it. Read more about CC Proxy configuration. Change your Internet options.
CCProxy Configuration -
4. Open the mHotspot, configure it. Enter name, password and select internet source. Now just click ok and you are done. Minimize the screen. Don’t close it.
mHotspot -
5. Now turn on your wi-fi on mobile. Connect to say ‘DeepConnection’. Now click on ‘DeepConnection’ and modify it. Check ‘Show advanced option’ then select ‘Proxy setting – Manual’. Insert your PC IP address and port (808), taken from CCProxy and then save it. You are done.
mHotspot -
6. Run any app and see your CCProxy graph. You can see a graph on CCProxy screen. If yes, you are done. Enjoy free college internet.mHotspot -
Make sure there is no Yellow sign on the Internet Connection Icon on the taskbar. If there is any Yellow sign, then you can surf internet but can’t download. It would give ‘403 Error’ while downloading. So Disable-Enable your network connection to remove it.mHotspot -
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Deepesh Singh


36 thoughts on “How to Make Wi Fi HotSpot on Laptop under College Proxy Server

  1. i dont have my college ip address but my pc ip addres is and port is 808.. It does not have any authetication and I also dont know the college addres port

    • Hello Jay,
      Sorry for late response. I would like to help my reader but I wrote this article when I was in college. I have tried to explain each and every steps with the help of screenshots. Let me know which step you didn’t get. Looking forward.

    • Hello Gaurav,

      Mai kuch hack ni kar rha bhai. Simply college internet ko mobile me share kar rha hu 🙂 🙂
      if you want to know how to hack, I would suggest you to look for another website.


  2. Many thanks.. it’s great and working very well, but not all mobile applications are working!
    internet browser (CM Browser), yes
    Youtube app: yes
    Snapchat: yest
    Whatsapp: no
    Twitter: no
    Instagram: no
    Google maps: yes
    Can we fix this?

  3. my all apps are working, except youtube and whatsapp which are most used. please help. ccproxy shows graph continuosly

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