Nalaxilte / Maoist Attacks in India – Shame to Indian Leadership

Naxal Attack IndiaYesterday I read a news about another Naxal attack in Raipur, India. Really it was a shocking news and entire nation was thrilled. We all were praying for our braves one. So today I thought to write about Naxalite and how can we resolve them.Naxalite was born in Naxalbadi, 35 KM from my hometown, so since my birth I have knowledge about them. Earlier it was considered to be ‘Krantikari’ or fighters who were fighting for their rights but slowly -2 my perception about them have changed.I just want to say that any act which forces you to kill innocent people could not be divine’s path. Every day we are hearing news how naxalite kill our armies and police. But we couldn’t do anything about them. We expect our government to take some serious action. Our brave men are fighting not only against naxal but also against mosquito in deep and dark forests. No special kit like US Army is provided to them. But they are doing their duties without even thinking about their lives. But our politicians are doing nothing. They are only condemning the act. God save this country. We condemn this coward act – that’s it Neta Ji? What about our brave men? Who will take care of their families? Who will finance their children? Who will feed them? Have you time to care about these things? I recently read that Congress politician was caught sending arms to Naxal. Now if such kind of incident happens then how would our forces fight? I wish I could send this article to Times of India or NDTV or to any national platform so that mass can read. I want to put few points which Government can consider to stop this Naxalite.
1. First I want to say that Naxals are also human being. They must have some agenda or reason. Government should make committee and try to understand their problem and go to root and try to find the solution. Government should make sure that they get their rights, incentives, education, medical health facility etc.
2. Naxal fighters might not have political agenda. They might get money to fire but their leaders have. I am sure. Their leaders shake hand with our leaders, politicians, ISI or China. So Indian Intelligence agency should keep a sharp eye on these acts and should arrest them at earliest.
3. After surrender they should be given proper education, jobs (if fit them in army) and every basic needs to settle.
4. If all above process are done still we can’t control them then Naxalite should be given a dead line to surrender. But before then Government have to earn their trust through diplomatic talk, through proper channel and schemes. If they don’t agree, we have world’s 3rd largest army. Why we spend billions of dollars on defense, if we can’t even fight our own countrymen. Send army, fighter jets, drone, and missile, tanks anything we can to their locations. We have to take action like Lanka took against LTTE.
Dear Government of India, I wish you read this article. Our men are dying, please I beg you to take some serious action. They ambush our army, they keep bomb under our soldier’s body, they plant land mines, they kill civilians and we are having world’s 3rd largest army. Shame, Shame and Shame to such leadership.


1. Maharashtra: Local Congress leader booked for sending arms to Naxals
2. Maoist encounter in Latehar: 2.5 kg unexploded bomb found inside jawan’s body
3. Maoists kill 73 CRPF men in Dantewada
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Deepesh Singh


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