Who would be a better Prime Minister: Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi

I think these days one of the hottest topics that entire India is discussing is “Narendra Modi”. From North to South and from East to west, there is a wave for change. It may be due to Mr. Kejriwal or Mr. Modi. Different people have different opinions and conclusions. But we have to accept it that people of India want change now. We have witnessed several corruptions in these years. CWG scam, 2G, Coal and Adarsh are the top most which always come in newspapers. And what Kerjiwal has done in Delhi is appreciable. People of Delhi voted for change and we saw that 3 times CM lost the election against a new bird. May 2014 will bring more surprising results.
But the question arises, “Who is better for PM – Modi or Kejriwal or Gandhi?” Let’s have a small discussion on this topic. First and foremost I don’t think Rahul or any Congress man should be in the race after seeing what they have done to the Indian economy and Indian people. In just 10 years so many scams and in all cases congress men are involved. Even Mayawati and Mulayam or Lalu were not so corrupt. So I don’t like to talk about congress or any Gandhi.
Let’s take us the case of Mr. Kejriwal. He is a dynamic person. We find him very honest and laborious. He had been a member of Anna ji and fought against corruption. That’s why people of Delhi voted his team and gave a chance to form a minority government. Good! Within 1 week he reduced electricity cost and solved water crisis and put a helpline number to fight against corruption. But he has a long journey to travel. We can’t judge a book with its cover or few front pages. We need to study entire book to judge the writer and the book. Similarly I think we should wait few years say 3-5 years to judge the team AAP. Let me put an example. In the very first day AAP team travelled through metro. They refused to take security or Govt. flat. What now? They all have taken govt. cars except Kerjiwal. Recently we heard a case about his minister, Rakhi. She complained about a boy who mistakenly threw his cricket ball to her car. One of his team members says that India should remove army from Kashmir. So we can’t comment about his ministers or team by just judging Kejriwal. I am saying that Kejriwal may be right or what he wants to do would be great for the country but what about his team? How much they are efficient and honest? That also matters. Kerjiwal has many things to prove and many issues to address. He needs time to make all these happen. So we should also wait and judge. Watch this video once. Video. What do you say about this video? Please comment.
Now take the case of Mr. Modi. I support Modi because of his development model and ideas, not because of being Hindu or RSS member. Advani or Gadkari are also BJP members but I do not support them. Few of my friends talk about Godhra or snooping. Why Godhra happened and what Modi did in that interval? First read history and then judge him. Supreme Court of India (Ghosh, 2013) did not find anything against Modi but few of friends are more talented than the CJI (Bhatt, 2013). They are still blaming the CM for what happened there. Recently we saw riots in Mumbai, Aasam (Banerjie, 2013) or UP (2013 Muzaffarnagar riots). In just 1 year UP witnessed more than 30 riots (ABP News, 2013) and one major riot. What about that? In few years back Kashmiri Pandits had to leave Kashmir due to riot. What about them? No one is there to talk about so many riots and their consequences but they have enough time to talk about Modi and Godhra. We should know that not a single incident happened after then. Let me say directly that all these morons have got nothing against Modi except Godhra and snooping that why they keep repeating only these 2 or 3 issues.
No other state is developing or building a new city. Only Gujarat is doing that. Gujarat government is developing 2 world class cities; one of them has been awarded by International body also. These are GIFT and Dholera SIR. One should watch videos about these projects. We recognize China with its great wall, New York with its twin towers, Paris with Eiffel tower, USA with its Statue of Liberty and last but not the least we recognize our own country with Taj Mahal. So to give an identity Modi is building a great statue, worlds tallest and it will be developed as tourist spot also. Think how many people will get jobs directly or indirectly. Hotels, transport, restaurants and common man will be benefited by these projects. We could also proudly say that world’s tallest statue is in India. I think 2400 crore for this project is too high but that amount won’t be put in just a single year. Say 400 crore per year. Here congress spends 500 crore for makeup of their PM candidate. So what do you think? Think positively.
Few say about snooping cases. USA broke all privacies. Gmail can read your mails without your permission, if you noted and many more cases are there. The thing is that we do not know about it. So if a government did that I do not think this is a major issue to highlight. Modi has proved everything. He is dynamic and can take India to that stage where we could proudly say that yes I am an Indian. People say that he always talks about development but does not say how. So my advice is that listen to his videos. He always talks about how he will bring change and how he will create jobs. One of his favorite statements is that – Terrorist divides nations and tourism units nations. He talks about North East people. I have never heard any politician to talk about those 7 sisters but he did in Delhi. I can write 100 pages book about Gujarat and Modi. So let me pen down here.
So dear friends and readers, I am not saying support Modi but will of course advice you to support for change, support for development, support for a bright nation, and support for world class infrastructure and world class facilities. If you find him feku, once visit Gujarat, read about Gujarat and what other nations are saying about Gujarat. Why every manufacturing industry wants to set up factory in Gujarat? Why Japan, Britain and US endorsed Gujarat CM? Why Britain and Australian parliaments and Japan ministers invited Gujarat CM? I won’t answer these all question. You have to do research first then only you can judge. Watch YouTube videos about Gujarat, its infrastructure, transportation, Vibrant Gujarat summit and many more. I have read many articles about Modi, Kejriwal and Rahul then only I find myself to talk about these people. So my advice is that please go through newspaper and YouTube videos and find yourself who is right and why?


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Deepesh Singh


8 thoughts on “Who would be a better Prime Minister: Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi

  1. Okay Just for the moment,Put all the accusations on the side.One thing i would like to add is that BJP is not only about MODI and he should give his clear views on Strong JanLokpal Bill,about party peoples exponentially increasing wealth,About Kashmir, about his well known relationship with anarchists,the selection policy of candidates.Otherwise he is just a populist eating the butter churned out by toothless congress.
    I would love to see him as prime minister but he needs to clear a lot of issues because *times are changing and if he wins coming election easily then its not because of people belief in BJP,it will be because of Rahul Gandhi lead congress incompetence and failing economy.

    • Do u think this so called relationship matters a lot? Do you think Obama was virgin before marrying Mrs. Obama? What about Shree Krishna? He too had affection for Radha before marrying someone else. So I think this is a pointless issue talking about his personal life. And about Kashmir. Watch his Jammu rally. In his speech he talked about every thing. How we could develop Kashmir as world class tourist spot, eduction, security and 370 act. (I hope you know about it.) But I have never heard Kajriwal talking about Kashmir and Economy, Jobs and Higher Education. Did he? Comment links. Corruption is everywhere. Gujarat is one of the few states which have its own Lakayukat. And when Yeddu was found doing corruption he had to leave the party at that moment and BJP had to pay for it by losing Karnataka.
      But you have not put anything about YOUR allegation. Why do you people call him feku? Watch videos which I linked above. YouTube and Google are free right now so gather knowledge as much as you can.

    • Sometimes I myself think if I were the king of India. So true brother. Who will put an axe on his own leg. These corrupt people make laws. Lokpal bill toke decades to pass. But we have to believe in the democracy.

  2. You have outlined nicely some of the key points based on which the next election will be fought. My personal opinion is that most voters are confused(including me) whom to vote between Modi and Kejriwal, more due to experience limitation of the latter than the right intentions of the former. No doubt Modi is experienced, charismatic leader, good orator and a fine decision maker; the characteristics which we want in our PM desperately(thanks to Manmohan Singh!). But the bigger question is can Kejriwal provide these qualities at par with Modi. He has genuine intentions but he lacks decision making(even his party was formed on a public mandate). He takes no firm stand on key foreign policy issues, economic policy issues and internal security issues aka Naxalism. So I think Kejriwal needs time to grow as a good political alternative while Modi is ripe for 2014. Those who are bashing him for snoopgate(because that is the only albatross for now around his neck), Well I like privacy but I would prefer any day my PM snooping over me rather than a foreign spy agency aka NSA and PRISM(Thanks Mr, Gandhi !).

  3. modi have credibility behind him whereas kejriwal lacks credibility
    Delhi gave kejriwal a chance but he misused it for political mileage
    Gujarat gave modi a chance , he proved himself
    so its better to go with credibility rather than going for for a ” dharna style governance ”

    I’m an engineering student, I think modi is the only person who can attract investment and provide job for us

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