Info Edge Placement Papers- Interview Questions and Tips

Info Edge pvt. ltd. mostly known as is one of the biggest internet based Indian company. It has many brands under its umbrella like,,,,,,, and many more. If you want to read about Info Edge and its business, you can download their annual report from here.
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Info Edge - Placement Paper
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Now let’s talk about placement. Today I want to share my experience with info edge placement process. Actually (which a part of Info Edge) came to a campus in Gwalior and they called MBA students from our campus as well. We were invited to attend the pool campus along with that particular college and one another college. We were around 90 students from 3 campuses, all from Gwalior only. We were told to reach there before 9:30 AM and we reached by 9:45 AM. We were expecting that processes would start by 10:30 or 11 but HR people were coming from Delhi by train. Due to fog train was running late by more than 2 hours. So we had no choice, we had to wait. They reached to the campus by 1 PM. They started with presentation with all boring thoughts and concepts like what they are selling. We will not ask you to carry a medicine bag and to sell products door (but they will ask to carry your laptop and sell internet door to door). They did not say that. 😛
They came for 2 posts.
1. Senior Executive – Corporate sales
2. Direct Sale.
They took one and half an hour to finish the presentation. Then we were left to decide either we want to sit for that or we want to move back. They gave only 10 minutes and told that they will take GD and then PI, which will start by 3:15 PM. Then we were divided into few groups, each group carried 10 students. I was in group 4. They started their GD round at 4:30 PM. What I have seen or read everywhere about GD was completely different than what I saw today.
Actually there was a table in a classroom. 2 HR people were sitting one side and 10 chairs were kept in front of them. We all were told to sit one by one according to name on the list. Then they encouraged us to ask any doubt or query. I just asked, “Sir, as your organization info edge has every kind of business profile. You are here to hire for So can I move to after getting experience from” The answer was BIG NO. We have a rigid organizational structure. So sorry we can’t allow that.
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Then after putting bakwass questions and all, they started the GD. The boy sitting at the corner was asked to introduce himself. He had just started, took only 20 second. That’s it. Tell me something about your parents; another bullet was shot on him. I don’t understand, I am getting or fighting for the job, why they are asking about our parent’s profiles instead of mine. Bull shit. Then next, then next and then me. I started; Sir my name is blah blah and blah and I did 10th from here and there 12 from here and there. That’s it. Then next question as expected about parents. Next which profile you want to apply for. It hardly took 2 minute to finish my GD round.
Finally our group took 10 minutes and came out of the room. There were around 8 groups and after finishing all groups, they took just 10 minutes to make a list. A faculty member came to hall and announced all selected students. I was not shocked as my name was not there. I do not know how they can judge a person on the basis of just 2 minute introduction. They shortlisted one girl from our group and out of 20 shortlisted students, there were only 3 boys. 10-10 for each profile.
The more shocking incident is when they called for PI. They called 5 students simultaneously and instead of asking questions about the candidates, they were just trying to convenience them that if they get selected, they have to purchase a car by Jan 2014 with proper driving license and after 15-20 minutes they told the group to leave. They also said that there would another round which would take place either in Delhi or by Skype.
This is all my personal experience. I really did not expect this from such reputed company. Info edge is perhaps the biggest internet company in India and their hiring process was so dull. I felt like that we students had been discarded badly.
Few tips on the basis on my personal experience:
1. Try to be in formal. Suit yourself properly.
2. When they ask to introduce start with your current education and your projects.
3. Try to show them that you are so much interested to join the company.
4. If you have any former experience regarding sales or marketing, please do not forget to put it before the panel.
As there were not any written tests or Proper GD round or proper PI, I could not comment on that. Sorry guys but I hope this article would give you a rough idea about info edge placement and interview.
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Deepesh Singh

5 thoughts on “Info Edge Placement Papers- Interview Questions and Tips

  1. I have an interview on saturday for 99acres. we have 3 rounds 1 written 2 gd and 3 interview. i want to know that whether they took apti or not? want to know more about gd and interview?

  2. I have an interview on saturday for 99acres. we have 3 rounds 1 written 2 gd and 3 interview. i want to know that whether they took apti or not? want to know more about gd and interview?

  3. hahaha i literally liked your article….actually today info edge is coming in my college for placement..that’s why i searched about it and read your article regarding the process seriously it was hilarious i am still laughing 😂😂

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