Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan? – Group Discussion

Today Group Discussion topic is “Is India a soft state when it comes to handling with Pakistan” or “Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?” or “Should We Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan?”.
This topic is hot now days, as Pakistan is violating cease fire again and again. They have violated the act 19 times in recent 5 days. So this is a hot topic to discuss.
I completely agree with the statement that India is showing a big heart to handle Pakistan. Take a tour from 1947, after the formation of Pakistan. Muslim People demanded for new country and Pakistan was formed. Indian Government gave Crore of Rupees for establishment. Note that at that time 1 INR was equal to 1 Dollar. Indian Government gave everything and declared our nation Secular Nation, means Muslim people can also live in India.

Indo Pakistan

I am not saying that India has not committed any mistake. Attack on Pakistan to give freedom to Bangladesh was really a conflict issue. But we can’t change the history. Bangladesh People were tortured and were killed. So they needed freedom. 2nd issue was Kashmir. So Pakistan got many reasons to fight with India but India should also not tolerate them at any cost. We have seen that every terror attack in India is linked to Pakistan. Even today a terrorist has been caught at Indo Nepal border, who was carrying Pakistan Passport. So Pakistan is helping our enemies. They provide weapons and train them.
I am not saying that we should go for war as it will cause serious damage to both countries as both are having Nuclear Weapons. But we can take strong actions against Pakistan. Let me put some points.
Regarding cease fire attack: In this year 2013, Pakistan has violated ceasefire again and again. But our ministers are letting our brave soldiers to die there. Our soldiers should have freedom that if they violate first, give them our message that we won’t tolerate.
Recently Pakistan had taken away 2 of our braves heads and our Government did not do anything. Now they have killed 6 people injuring many one. Still no action. It brings shame to the country. We should stop every relation with Pakistan. We should not allow their people to visit India lets it be Player or Singer. They take money from India, pay taxes to Pakistan Government and with that money Pakistan Government provide weapon to terrorist. So directly or indirectly, if we provide job to Pakistani People we are killing our own people. So let’s stop this.
We can get a lesson from Israel. What Israel has done? How it become super power in that region? What they do if their neighbor tries to enter their boundary?
Last but not the least, sitting in an AC room with 20 NSG commandos around you, will not give a little bit sense of fear but please try to feel the pain of our soldiers at least once. They keep our motherland safe at a temperature of -40 degree, take bullet and die for this nation. And we only condemn the act of Pakistan. Jai Hind.

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