How to deal with Petrol Price Hike – Group Discussion

Today Group discussion topic is “How to control or deal with High Oil Price” or “What we can do to control high oil price”. As we can see that Oil Price is hiking frequently. I can remember that when I was in 10th class, we could get Petrol in just 40 INR but now it is more than 70 INR. In other words prices for every Petroleum Products are touching the sky. But Petrol and Diesel are very essential for our daily life. We have to purchase Petrol or diesel, whatever price we have to pay. Actually India does not have that kind of huge Petroleum Resources that UAE or Middle East Countries have. We produce only 5% of total demand. Rest of it, we have to import from other countries like Iran, UAE. So we have to pay a huge amount to those countries. Of course Government could give subsidy to these products but Government can bear a debt to a limit. Above that we the people have to pay. Though, we can minimize the utilization of Petrol.

Petrol Price

Here I am putting some points or suggestions which we can adopt to get rid of this Petrol Hike.

1. Use Public Transportation as much we can: This is the cheapest method to avoid petrol hike. Yes of course, when petrol price will rise, fair will also rise but in small amount. We can use Metro, Bus or Public Auto instead of using private bike or car.
2. Use Cycle: Now a days it has become a fashion for college students to have a bike. They get money from parents so they are not aware of the real price. Instead of keeping bike, students should rise cycle. In foreign countries we can frequently find people riding cycle on the road. We can see women as well as old people riding cycle. So this is beneficial to health and can save our petrol price.
3. Use battery or electricity operated cars: Now Auto Mobiles companies are spending a huge amount or their R&D Department to make these kind of cars. Many companies have come up with their model. In India Mahindra and Reva did collaboration and come up with ‘e20’, which runs on electricity. Similarly Tata has done with some foreign countries. So in this way we can minimize the use of Petrol and can save our environment.

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Deepesh Singh
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