National Food Security Bill – Group Discussion

Today Group Discussion topic is “Nation Food Security Bill / Ordinance”. It is among a hot topic that is being discussed in the Parliament and outside the Parliament very oftenly. Congress leaders want to bring this Food Security Bill to the Indian Poor People so that everyone could access food cheaply.
I want to talk against the topic. Let’s start with the Government Data. It says that Poor people can survive or lives their day with 27 Rs only. Don’t you think that even a beggar can earn 27 Rs a day? If so , then why food security bill. If a beggar can have food and can live happily then for whom Congress is demanding Food Security Bill. If Food Security Bill is passed then there would be an extra burden on Budget. I have read somewhere that after Food Bill passes, subsidies on various things would be increased by 30, 000 Crore Rs which a huge amount. It is totally wastage of money. Congress is playing a vote bank politics. We the normal people do not have any direct gain from this kind of scheme. Let me throw an example. In recent days we have seen what Government has done this Mid-Day Meal Program in school. More than 25 children died. Why? The big reason behind is the quality of food. I belong to a village in Bihar, and I can see these things around my village. The quality of rice or paddy, pulse or oil is very poor which are being distributed among the poor people. Another reason we can have is Poor Public Distribution System and Corruption.

Food Security Bill - Deepesh Singh

So in my opinion Food Security Bill is nothing than wastage of money or vote bank politics. Government should utilize this amount of village or rural development program like accessing pure drinking water, better infrastructure and hospital, roads and schools. Pregnant women or small children are having rice and pulse from “Aagan Badi”. So in my opinion if we increase or improve that facility only, we can have better result. This would be less costly than approving a new scheme.

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Deepesh Singh
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2 thoughts on “National Food Security Bill – Group Discussion

  1. I am not disrespecting your thoughts the data says that Poor people can survive or lives their day with 27 Rs only, but can you think of yourself on living a day with that 27 rupees,regarding that 30,000 crore rupees you dont have to give that rupees by yourself and regarding that mid-day meal,it attracted many children to go schools and there is some news of discrepancies in the process it is because of the corruption in between not the faulty government policy.

  2. I would like to add some points if someone said that its just a plan to attract people to vote them, then what BJP doing BJP also wants vote that`s way the party was gone to oppose it my dear.

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