Discount coupons & Online shopping

It has become a tradition to wear branded clothes. When we go to mall, in our city, we can see the rush and the shops around. Most of them of branded, like levi’s, Reebok, Addidas, Signature etc. When we visit those shops, we see the range is from 600/- to 6000/-. Even if we want to buy socks , we have to pay 300/- for a normal brand. So sometimes for tempting customers , they use come kind of discount like 10% on purchase of 5000 and above. So customers get attracted and they want to get that offer. So this is called “Marketing”. We are not observing the real price or product quality. What we only see is discount. We use to say “Yaar 1000 ka saman 500 me mil rha hia!”. That is what we think. But what is actually behind the scene? If the market price of that product is like 500/-, they put a tag of 1000/- and give 50% discount. For example visit koutons, Outlaw or cotton county. You can see the price of jeans goes to 2700/- which we get on 600/- only. So this is only a marketing strategy.

Online Shopping and Discount Coupons

Now its a time of Information Technology and Internet and computers. So why should IT lack behind in this field? IT also has a solution for such marketing called ‘Online Shopping’. We can now find a number of websites, providing this features. Some of them I want to call: Myntra, Flipkart, Yebhi, eBay, Letsbuy etc. They provide free delivery and cash on delivery on some product. The most feature, that most of Indian like is, we can easily find discount coupons for these sites. Just put ‘discount coupons for Yebhi’, we can a number of sites providing some featured coupons. Go to Yebhi, buy your product and apply that coupon, the product becomes more cheaper. And rest money, when you get your product next to your door. So this is modern shopping style. And the best thing is that one can get cheaper product through online shopping comparison to mall or branded show room.

Apart from applying discount coupons, we can some product free of cost also or on some unexpected price. Like few days back I paid 19 Rs only for a Dettol handwash worth Rs 59. So this is unexpected. Now I ordered Lux pack worth 59/- for 19/- only. So some of sites like freekamaal, freewaalastore, desidive provide such offers. One can track them daily. And every week there is some new offer. So keep your eyes open for these sites. And comment on this article if you find anything good or bad. I welcome your feedback. So keep watching and tracking these sites for free product.
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Deepesh Singh
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